SECH: The Home we Never Had

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Hurt by the sudden loss of parents and guardians and hit so hard by life that they see no hope, many orphan children usually resolve to the streets with hope of surviving through begging. Yes! sure, there are always good samaritans to give them few coins to satisfy their hunger, but it is always not enough to satiate their bellies and do not protect them from the cruel street life. The few coins can not protect them from the physical abuse they go through, it can’t restore to them the health care and education they have been deprived of and even advocate for their human rights that have been violated. Identifying this gap in the society, Miriam Elizabeth Akotsi Masanga, in September 2006, started an orphan support Center (St. Elizabeth Support Center (SEOSC) ) to nature and protect orphan Children.

In 2019, Elizabeth Akotsi felt burdened by the responsibility of these children and intended to neglect the work by having the kids go back to their prior lives as she was getting old and her source of income had depreciated. However, a group of university of Nairobi students, with no promising income, but whose understanding of life made it compulsive to do something impactful towards the welfare of the less fortunate, saw it wise to takeover the support center and continue giving these kids a home they never had.They transformed the support center(SEOSC) to a children’s home foundation, St. Elizabeth Children’s Home (SECH FOUNDATION), aiming to expand the scope of the operation of the initial organization.

SEOSC had the sole focus of orphaned children, specifically those orphaned by HIV/AIDS; however,  the interaction these university students had with the society made them understand that the scope of the less fortunate goes beyond the orphans, to encompass a lot more. While they have not thrown away the original intention of the pioneers, they have modified the objectives to include more children. It also stretches beyond mere upkeep ‘until they get to adulthood’ to include every aspect of a child’s development and growth: food, shelter, clothing, and education; for spiritual, physical, mental and intellectual development in readiness for sustainability upon attaining the age of majority.

SECH FOUNDATION operates as a complete home cum school to the children. As such, every aspect of home life is taken care of, ranging from food, shelter, clothing, utilities, bedding, security, health care and everything else in the best possible form and availability. Besides, they have a school which operates for pre-primary school children. Primary and secondary school children learn in external public schools.

This foundation is situated at Dandora Phase 2, in a single premise in a residential area near Friends Church and Friends Secondary School in Embakasi Sub-County within Nairobi County. It  operates on an open door policy where every individual with the desire and motivation to make an impact in the lives of the young helpless children is welcome to join. There is no membership restriction except that one commits to abide by the Constitution of SECH FOUNDATION. From the toddler to the oldest, from the student to the CEO, from the peasant to the tycoon, all are welcome to be part of SECH FOUNDATION, as individuals, organizations and even companies. Currently, the membership comprises largely of university students fraternity, having  about fifty registered members, but hoping  to bring everyone on board.

The SECH FOUNDATION sources funds from its membership base through the monthly contributions and other well-wishers who commit to sponsor the programs. Besides, they do organize volunteer projects including carwashes, T-shirts, cards, dinners among others to supplement the finances. Currently, they have a fundraiser underway to help support the education department

Their contribution account for the fundraiser is: MChanga Paybill: 891300; Account: 38781; Name: SECH Foundation: Educate an Orphan.

They had a successful series of events in 2019 and early 2020 prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak. Some of the moments were captured as  below:

During an academic sensitization programme in July 2019, some time before they partnered with SEOSC

Some of the members with the children during a mentorship programme at the home, January 2020

During a youth mentorship programme in Homa Bay County, December 2020 where they distributed sanitary items. The theme was on promoting menstrual health and sexual purity awareness among the youth.

A photo of the local soccer club junior team where some of the children are members of the club. The club is based at the neighbouring Friends Secondary School

A poster of the scheduled funds’ drive towards the expansion of the educational facilities.

As an individual, a company, and organization or any other entity, you are welcome to be a member of SECH FOUNDATION and help in creating an impact on the lives of these young children, . You can be their hope. You could greatly help them achieve this dream of creating a better world for these children ranging from age two to seventeen. Because of you, they could get a meal, a book or a pen here, a mattress here, or a piece of cloth.

Organization: SECH foundation


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