Beatrice Ndeda- A champion Against Sexual Harassment in Public Transport Spaces with OAY-Kenya

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I am a member of women in social justice centers, I advocate for equality in my community, end of SGBV, menstrual health hygiene, early pregnancies amongst young girls brought about by transactional sex some of the reasons being due to lack of sanitary towels. SGBV is a major problem in my community some of the reasons why women stay in this abusive marriages are because they are unable to support themselves financially, religion some religion leader’s advice their Christians in such a way that they forgive and remain in this marriages. There is this case where a woman was being beaten by the husband she has one kid and this to her was the reason she was never able to leave the marriage which was not even legal. She lost her hearing because of this fights and when she brought the case to us we communicated through writing due to her years…we took her to a safe house in Ruiru but unfortunately she went back this being just one case amongst the so many we have come across and some that we have no idea about yet.

Women are suffering protecting their children in silence and at times when they come out to speak the matter is worse like this where she had lost her hearing. We worked with plan international to create awareness on sexual harassment in the public transport sector…amongst bodaboda persons held several stakeholder’s meetings and community dialogues on sexual harassment and ways of reducing it…girls’ outreaches have also been of great help through this we hear what girls want and what they think the problem is and solutions they may have. Women are abused everyday verbally…thighs, touch and they have no idea what to do educating telling them what is supposed to be done helps a lot since one can’t walk from the house and come back safely without being harassed by someone on the road this is why we must use our voices and speak about this thing.

Being a champion against sexual harassment in public transport with has helped realize that indeed both men and women go through sexual harassment and it high time that everyone speak out to rescue the victims who go through SGBV.

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