Breaking the Ceiling

Published by Dolphine Allaro on

Study, find a dream job, settle down and own a massive property that is what young people consider as an ideal life. Only a small percentage of youth get lucky and live their dream, what happens to the huge chunk of youth who face the reality that jobs are scarce and life doesn’t always go the way we had envisioned. Out of the huge percentage, a half walk around complaining about the scarcity of jobs while the other half are job creators. They understand how and what it means to be uncomfortable so that they can build their brand in the world.

Joy who most people know as JOJO is a University student and also the CEO of BodyWaxingNairobi. She initially had keen interest on vaginal health and thus came up with the idea of body waxing. Her plans was to take her services on the client’s doorstep since most salons do not offer much privacy. In the beginning of her venture, she had partnered with Grace cup to reach a higher number of clients.

Jojo is an example of beauty and brains as she opted for natural wax which she makes with natural ingredients, this is thanks to the course she is pursuing at the University. One would ask her how she balances school work and business. As more people begun to realize that home services are better, the business experienced a boom. According to her, the first priority will always be her school work. She schedule clients around her school schedule.

Her determination has made many realize that they shouldn’t be limited by anything when it comes to chasing their goals. People she meets are inspired by her and they are motivated to chase their goals. Sadly out here, people would rather be miserable than uncomfortable, JoJo’s word to them is to always seek discomfort when it comes to reaching their goals, nothing comes on a silver platter.