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The major problem hindering agribusiness in Africa is the lack of information on current agricultural technologies and trends. This makes farming in Africa more subsistence than commercial thus limiting the diversity of agribusiness. Though the agribusiness that we own should be for a generational purpose, which calls for the adoption of agricultural technologies, it is not the case in Africa.

Kelvin Keter, a third-year Computer Technology student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, saw a need and decided to bridge the gap. In September 2020, he started Farmers Digital Radio, a platform that empowers farmers with agricultural information.

Farmers Radio believes that information is power and aims at transforming farming in Africa by elevating farmers. It educates the youth and farmers on the best agribusiness opportunities and potential, how to connect agriculture to rural development, and filling the technological gap in African agriculture.

“I am motivated by the fact that Africa has a great potential to feed the world, however, we face triple shocks – such as depleting natural resources, rising climate issues, and low productivity. By empowering farmers, they will be able to produce more and better produce, take good care of the soil and environment and thus be able to sustainably produce food.” He said.

Through his digital radio, he empowers young people to practice farming, engages them, and offers tools that support their work. He is trying to instill in them the idea that a growth mindset is far much better than a beneficial mindset. Farmers Radio tries to fill this gap that has never been explored by trying to recondition the minds of farmers to think growth, to understand the benefits of technology adoption, and change the whole story of our motherland, Africa.

The youth can get into agriculture for several reasons such as capacity building, logistics, and value addition process which enhances service delivery and entrepreneurship in agriculture. Organization of African Youth-Kenya champions youth-led organizations such as Farmers Digital Radio and Environmental protection is one of its key pillars. It encourages youth involvement in conservation and climate change.

Name: Kelvin Keter

Contact: +254 727 025050