DAMARIS ANYANGO- Championing Against SGBV With OAYouth Kenya

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Everyone has experienced some form of SGBV in their life time. I never fully understood this until I was harassed and then I shared my experience with a friend. I thought my problem was bigger until I heard what my friend had been through surprising enough, she had never told her experience to anyone else. Maybe she shared her experience because I was willing to share mine or maybe she shared to comfort me, by showing me how small my problem was.

As a campus student I have heard so many stories about experiences of many young women and men who have experienced gruesome acts from the people closest to them, the people they trusted most. This makes the reporting of the acts even harder because who will believe them, who will believe the boyfriend or girlfriend who acts so lovingly even in public could rape you, who would believe that your uncle, father, aunt, sister who is so loving, admired by everyone could do something so bad. It is heart breaking the number of cases that go unreported every day, people do not know what to do, they don’t know who to trust.

I have interacted with a few friends who spoke about their experience many years after them experiences. Some have suffered from STIs for so long and still feel ashamed when seeking for medical attention. I will like to volunteer, so that I can help people speak up and report and defend themselves when they experience.

Organization of African Youth (OAYouth) provided me with a platform as champion to advocate against sexual harassment in public transport spaces. I have learnt that SGBV affects everyone and awareness creation is key in solving SGBV cases.

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