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Doing Good!

With the current economic situation, many people would rather fulfill their needs than that of others.  Several people in the country lack basic necessities and life has become hard for them. The sad situation led Brian Towett, 21-year-old, to register a charity foundation called, “The Good Deeds foundation”. The foundation was started by a group of friends contributing to go feed children, in a children’s home in Kasarani. Since then it has grown to comprise more than a hundred youths all having a desire to make a difference in the society. “Sharing is Caring”, that is what one member responded, after being asked why he joined the group.

Good Deeds foundation has served in places such as St Dorcas Education center along Waithaka, Lower Kabete Rehabilitation Center, Mukuru Kwa Njenga sanitary towels drive and many other children’s home in the County. Currently the group uses their own contribution to support despite that most members are students and some are jobless and are hustling, this does not stop them from contributing funds but also their time. They say volunteers are not people with time and resources but people with a heart.

The Good deeds foundation also organizes members team buildings so as to incorporate new members and make it easy for them to get to know each other. The last hangout happened in 31st of January at Oloolulua nature trail in Karen.

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The CEO’s vision, Towett, is to look for sponsors and donors who can support the group to enough resources that can reach more people who are in need. The group’s calendar for activities for 2021 is packed. Young people aspiring to be part of the group and have something to live for are welcome.

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