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Health and wellness is an important factor in any person’s life. It is one factor that can affect different areas of life such as the social, emotional, physical and even spiritual spheres of life. With the growing technology, there has been less and less of physical activities, the gadgets have taken the time for walks and exercises. Screen time has taken the place of focusing on oneself when it comes to taking great care of the type of food one eats.

The growth of ignorance in personal wellness has pushed two young men in their twenties, Ngaruiya Jack and Tyson Will to create a YouTube channel that focuses on styling and body fitness. The channel started in October 2019 as a styling channel which both young men are passionate about, it later expanded its content to fitness. Tyson has also been always cautious about health, what is getting into his body, what he is doing to improve himself and thus a healthy body means productivity in all other areas of life.

The YouTube Channel has content such as different exercises that both Jack and Tyson performs, knowledge on dieting, what to do to maintain your weight. They have gained a huge following and they are still growing. What draws many young people to them is their videos which are lively and very informative.

The two young men seek to empower the young people with information concerning fitness. Their desire is to create more awareness on the importance of living healthy. They show that wellness can be attained but only with discipline but achievable nonetheless. With many people giving up the journey before it even begins, the young men have shown resilience and have seen the fruits of their hard work and this acts as an encouragement even to other young people.

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