How OAY Enabled My Leadership Journey

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Joshua Mwanzia is a student at the Technical University of Kenya, specializing in Public relations and Corporate Communication. In 2017, he was privileged to Coordinate and mobilize for Violet Mbiti Foundation for Makueni Youths to attend Jictivate Mtaa Movement Makueni Chapter. On a material day for Jictivate Mtaa, he got the golden opportunity to articulate some of the grievances, which would be later shared with the county Leadership. The same day, he met Irene Asuwa, an official Organization of African Youth; she was so welcoming and educated me on OAY work and how I could join. Thanks to Irene, the African youth’s organization has built his leadership skills and expanded his networks. He can boldly share ideas and speak well in public. Early this year, he got a chance to attend a breakfast meeting to launch the Kenya Corporate Environmental performance report. After the meeting, he met one senior Communication analyst who used to read and see him on papers, thus building a network that exists to date. The Organization of African Youth exposed him to various trainings, one being Trainer of Trainers, organized by YMCA Africa on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights. Because of this opportunity, he was able to travel to multiple counties in a campaign dubbed Universal Health care. He got a chance to learn from Youths in different areas and spheres of influence. Later, the paper traveled to various shake holders. He initiated conversations with classmates and friends, found out how much they know about Sexual life, and he has been a certified expert providing factual information. He is grateful to OAY for the leadership development opportunities for the Hasen Bowen Leadership fellowship. According to Joshua, “It’s OAY that has brought some sense of Globalization; I look forward to much more, Long Life Organization of African Youth”.