Human Rights

Published by Dolphine Allaro on

Many countries in this century are democratic or are on the verge of democracy. This is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. One thing that characterizes democracy is the importance taken on human rights. People are free to speak their mind without fear of being jailed or worse, executed. However, in every society, no concept is usually fully actualized due to human error. The goal of every government is the idea of an ideal democratic system though this is actually not the case. Extra-judicial killing still exists, citizen’s still experience brutal consequences for speaking their mind, all these means that though in name a country identify itself as democratic, in most cases, it’s quite far from being one. The failure in the system has led to disturbing issues of human rights violation.

There is not a day the media will fail to highlight an instance of human rights violation. It may either be from police brutality, poor governance, inequality among other vices. The citizens can choose to sit and ignore the realities or decide to act on it. Many people are silent about it, they passively grumble and forget all about it after a day or two. Other people who decide to be the change makers take big strides and endanger their lives trying to fight for their rights and those of the people. They are known as Human rights activists. These are people who have decided to count the cost and be the change they want to see in the world.

It is therefore a choice for every youth, just like how people from the past fought to create a better government system, which costed them their lives but enabled us to enjoy the fruits, are we willing to fight for our rights for the sake of our future generations? People have used different avenues to exercise their rights, especially the youth, such as social media, creative writing, films, movies, books, art work and many others. The point is no one is being ignorant about their rights anymore, everyone is involved and no one can ignore the fact that there is power in numbers and youths are the leaders of tomorrow! It is time for the youths to take a stand and show the world we are not going to watch our world burn down under our noses.