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My view on Jiactivate Kajiado county youth forum

In my view the youth of Kajiado have less interest in engaging their leaders ,attending public participation forums yet they are able to outline issues affecting them and their ideal county.Their forum was a unique one  because we had a few  local leaders in attendance.These youth had a chance to present their issues and have the leader commit and attend  to them. This is an indication that kajiado has some local administrators that are available and approachable,a situation that should be an advantage to the youth of Kajiado. I hope that the engagements enlightened them on how to follow up and demand for services from the county but they still have to make individual decisions to set their priorities right.

Its time the youth of kajiado learnt how important an empowered and a vigilant cititizen is.They do not believe that politics affect their daily lives and that is very sad.Every youth must take a step of creating a sense of urgency to access information,be aware and get engaged.the future and success of the current county lies on its younger citizens.These young people already know what their needs are but have not prioritized them and have not taken the initiative to seek information and engage their leaders.The basis of a functional government is a vigilant mwananchi.



By Irene Asuwa, Volunteer Organization of Africa Youth-Kenya