Passion Meets Destiny

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Finding purpose in the world is the hardest thing for some people while for others it is as easy as blinking. Most people live their lives unconscious of their surroundings and even themselves. People have lost their will, their passions and have forgotten what makes them feel alive. Young people have settled for mediocre works and have suppressed the energy deep within them. Only  twenty  percent of the youth or less have decided to go against the tide and are pursuing what sets their hearts on fire.

Miss Candy Oguta is one of the twenty percent who are pursuing their dreams. She is a twenty-three-year-old student majoring in Political science and Conflict and peace studies. From a young age, she already knew what her path would be courtesy of the movies she loved. The major movies that stole her heart were Escape from Sobibo, Sarafina and The Rwanda Genocide. All these movies screamed one thing, Injustice! Thus opening her eyes from a young age.

When Covid 19 struck the world and learning became remote, Candy took a human rights online course that was offered by Amnesty international. Amnesty international is an organization that fights for human rights and the decision to affiliate herself with them was another big step. She is thus a member of the organization and hopes to one day make a difference in fighting for Justice.

Miss Oguta’s passion drove her to be part of a film that highlighted the police brutality problem that was the major headlines when the president introduced the curfew. The film is called 6:59 and it got recognition from amnesty international on being very precise and highlighting human rights violation. As long as Candy has breath, she is ready to fight for human rights. Seeing the rights of people respected is what gives her the most satisfaction and indeed her heart is full.

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