The United Arab Emirates Ideathon

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United Arab Emirates Ideathon is a three-day marathon where volunteer organizations and non-governmental organizations picked from around the world come up with sustainable and impactful solutions. The three main thematic volunteerism areas are the medical sector, mental health support sector, and support of the vulnerable in the case of COVID-19.  

Our foundations are built on values like love, courage, determination, and consistency. Therefore, we believe in limitless possibilities, and right now is not the time to back down. Times are tough, but we still need to keep our heads up and face the challenge head-on, having been convicted by our passion for creating and fostering a healthy working environment for volunteers. The Organization of African Youth took part in the application process and was privileged to be the only Kenya organization selected to participate in the virtual competition.

The Ideathon picks volunteer organizations passionate about transforming their community. It allows us to showcase our ideas and immediate solutions that eventually receive support to bring sustainable change to the world.

As a volunteer organization, this is an opportunity for us to spearhead change by representing the Youth and airing their unheard voices. We want to encourage and show the Youth that we can make change regardless of our age.