Knoweledge is power. OAYouth Volunteers taking Covid-19 facts to the people at Kamagawi Village

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The training was held in Rangwe sub-county Kamagawi village in front of a homestead from 2:00 pm. The target group for this meeting was community members, and the main agenda was sensitization on COVID-19 and upscaling of the nutrition status for the community members. On the topic of COVID-19, we discussed the spread, signs, and symptoms of COVID 19.

We discussed that the disease can easily spread from one person to another through contacts and droplets. The signs and symptoms we talked about were difficulties in breathing, high body temperature, fever, cough, sneezing, and sore throat.

On the topic of prevention measures, we talked about social distancing, using a mask, regular hand washing and sanitizing, and staying home to be safe.

On issues to do with COVID-19, we came to realize the challenges the community has are due to COVID-19. Some of the participants said their source of income was affected. Some become idlers in the community, allowing them to participate in immoral activities, while some of the school going girls have been impregnated. People even have no money to buy masks. Some community members have been beaten to death due to their failure to adhere to the prevention, according to community members.

On nutrition, we discussed the locally available foods that are immune boosters such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits such as avocados, oranges, bananas, pawpaws. Also, we identified beans and peas, and we came to appreciate that these foods are locally available, and we need not strain for expensive foods in the market.

We heard some myths and misconceptions about nutrition.  We had some who believe that to be healthy with good immunity, you must have a balanced diet that must include meat, chips, and all the junks that we can identify. But we managed to mobilize the community members and help them see the locally available food.