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Jiactivate is a platform that urges the youth to voice out the issues that affect them and give possible solutions.During The University of Nairobi Edition,unemployment was one of the greatest challenge that the youth face.
As the discussion went on,I felt the state of despair ,the uncertainty of what awaits these young people after graduating from university.I could see good section of us having a dim ray of hopelessness.
Just like any other conversation on issues that affect us,the government got the largest share of the blame.I cannot deny that the government has a fault.The youths have been sidelined and there spaces ocuppied by the wrong people. Too much focus on macro projects and exaggerated budgets have drained the local economy.Many companies have therefore layed off young employees in the name of inadequate capacity to sustain labour.Cheap foreign goods have flooded the Kenyan market making small and young businesses close down.

I feel our education system is merely pegged on academic exellence.Students are under the pressure of having good academic credentials.It is good to go to school and pass but there is more to learn apart from the syllabus. There are skills that are important but are never taught to class.Youths have to take an initiative to go out of class and learn.The trend in our current learning institutions is also worrying because the higher learning institutions are producing half baked graduates.People go to class to pass exams by whatever means without getting the content.I am under pressure to go to school,pass and get a white collar job,that is what the older generatuon expects from me.Many other youths are in my shoes too.They have a fixed range of careers to choose from.There is limited chance to try out other jobs because they dimmed to be ‘odd’.

We have blamed several factors,assuming that the youth also have a significant contribution towards this,in my viewWe are the majority in this country,making the largest constituency in the voting block.We still line up to vote in the same leaders who sit on us,blindly receive hand outs and allow ourselves to be misused.The ignorance amongst  us is alarming.We have access to information that we have no time for.I see youths having the latest entertainment information on their fingertips but no one ia aware of the current economic trends for instance.

I have realised the youths of Kenya have a very unhealthy appetite for quick riches.No one wants to start from the bottom.We all want to go out of school and rise immediately.My fellow students and I did a survey and the outcome was a sad reality.Youths also want to go into governent and steal.
We sit back and imagine that the situation will turn around,pretending day by day that someone somehow will soon make a change.That is not going to happen sooner or later.It is now or never.I believe we  have rise up and act.We have the power to be the change we want to see.

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