Young-led change makers!

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Many young people, if challenged respectfully, create substantial changes and growth. With provided structured opportunities, they will show the ability to transform themselves from victims to leaders, from at-risk to at-strength, from sheltered to shapers of society, and from service seekers to service providers.

Samwel Omondi Ondiema a local youth activist reached out to Yes! Founders Foundation (YFF), in order to know more and learn about how to implement a Youth led change making competition in Kenya and received support in piloting the model in Kenya. He had initially heard about it from Moud who had conducted Two Youth led change making events in Zimbabwe. YFF’s is a foundation that engages, challenges and funds youths in creating opportunities and goods. Its mission is to facilitate change making experiences to young people and help them become change makers, leaders and problem solvers.

Youth led change making competitions help youths apply their creativity in a way that leaves them with a sense of self efficacy and confidence that can help them in serving their community. Young people build teams, come up with ideas and then developed and disseminate their products and services in real field. Samwel organized the youth- led change making competition in Kenya with 5 groups. Each Group was given ksh 3,000 to start a business project.

Group A decided to sell cereals, Group B decided to sell mandazi and “kahawa”, Group C decided to sell mitumba shoes, Group D decided to open a car wash) by hiring a car wash machine) while Group E decided to sell fruits). After the end of the competition (14 days), the results were amazing, all the teams that participated were able to generate a profit. This made them to be independent in the society. – gmail

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