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Youth and Health Projects

This is our key area of focus given the tokenistic nature of youth engagement in health issues like governance, accountability, policy and service delivery. We believe that harnessing African demographic dividend is anchored on robust , equitable, affordable and rights based health care system.

Our youth and health programs are largely based on SRHR, Maternal health and HIV.


Our current programs include;


Coordinated SRHR/HIV  Advocacy

The  focus  is accelerating the International Conference on Population and Development Implementation through co-ordinated Advocacy.

We seek to realize  this by revitilzing the on going OAYouth coordinated national youth-led movement to advance gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights during the ICPD PoA, AU Summits CSW, and HLPF and ensure the issue remains global priority within and beyond the 2030 Agenda.

Our strategies include;

Network formation: Kenya Adolescents and Youth SRHR/HIV Youth Network

The network has 24 youth led organization members


Expected Outcome Project

Continued, deepened and strengthened role of the SRHR network of youth organizations in influencing key RMNCAH/SRHR processes in Kenya through;

  1. Coordination  and Resource Mobilization
  2. Communication and Coordinated Advocacy
  • Policy, Data and Research


  1. Goal of the Network

Championing Adolescents and Youth SRHR through coordinated advocacy


  1. Objectives of the Network 


  1. To capacity build members on SRHR and other  relevant areas
  2. To put in place strategies  to promote a youth led and coordinated SRHR/HIV advocacy
  3. In 2 years, influence at least 5 major SRHR policies in Kenya
  4. To have a research department/unit and continuously share strategic, relevant  and  timely data with members and stakeholders


SDGs in Focus: Goals 3 and 5