We work with various partners to foster democratic, peaceful and accountable leadership among the youth.

We seek to carry out massive and innovative leadership mentorship and training, civic education to deepen understanding of rights for enhanced accountable and pro-poor/ marginalized policies and leadership in Kenya.

Our objectives are;

  1. To create a network of youth led democracy championing organizations that meaningfully work in promoting youth participation elections, voter education and holding leaders accountable
  2. To promote massive voter registration to erode the present apathy towards democracy as presently witnessed in the country more so among the first time voters among young people


We seek to encourage the youth to be involved in elections through peaceful voting and getting their voices  heard, with focus on critical issues affecting the youth currently: Health, employment and participation


Currently, there is lack of and low awareness on voter rights and importance of voting, as a means of changing the poor public service delivery that has led to voter apathy and lack of interest by teenagers and youth to register as voters and vote as Kenyan approaches General Elections.

For example, during the March 2016 mass voter registration that targeted 4 million eligible new voters, mainly youth under 23 years of age. The Commission targeted 4 million new voters between February, 15 and March, 15, 2016. However, only 34%, 1.4 million new voters registered. IEBC missed its own target by 66%.

This calls for deliberate effort to motivate and encourage the youth to be involve in democratic processes and make their choices accordingly.



 We are also members of International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Generation Democracy , http://www.iri.org/generation-democracy-members