Coordinated SRHR/HIV  Advocacy

The  focus  is accelerating the International Conference on Population and Development Implementation through co-ordinated Advocacy.

We seek to realize  this by revitilzing the on going OAYouth coordinated national youth-led movement to advance gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights during the ICPD PoA, AU Summits CSW, and HLPF and ensure the issue remains global priority within and beyond the 2030 Agenda.

Our strategies include;

Network formation: Kenya Adolescents and Youth SRHR/HIV Youth Network

The network has 24 youth led organization members


Expected Outcome Project

Continued, deepened and strengthened role of the SRHR network of youth organizations in influencing key RMNCAH/SRHR processes in Kenya through;

  1. Coordination  and Resource Mobilization
  2. Communication and Coordinated Advocacy
  • Policy, Data and Research


  1. Goal of the Network

Championing Adolescents and Youth SRHR through coordinated advocacy


  1. Objectives of the Network 


  1. To capacity build members on SRHR and other  relevant areas
  2. To put in place strategies  to promote a youth led and coordinated SRHR/HIV advocacy
  3. In 2 years, influence at least 5 major SRHR policies in Kenya
  4. To have a research department/unit and continuously share strategic, relevant  and  timely data with members and stakeholders


SDGs in Focus: Goals 3 and 5


To join the network, kindly fill the form at:



Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH)

We are members of the PMNCH Adolescents  and Youth Constituency , a WHO led partnership to RMNCH issues


Youth Environmental Movement


Project Title:  Capacitating Youth and Students Led Organizations to foster Environmental Leadership for   Knowledge,   Advocacy and Sustainable Community Interventions

This is an environmental capacity building project aimed at building the capacities of Youth and Youth led environmental organizations to effectively strengthen their capacities in monitoring and advocacy programming and effective participation and engagement in environmental policy, governance, negotiation, interventions, adaptations and processes at local level. As a result of empowering the youth leaders, Youth and Youth led environmental  organizations and students, it is anticipated that the trickle -own effect with a focus on youth will create a critical mass of male & female youth with understanding  and knowledge on  their roles, technicalities, impacts and sustainable  interventions to combat climate  change and environmental issues to design projects and influence advocacy frameworks for partnerships in policy, governance, interventions and adaptations for achievement  of SDGs and Agenda 2063.


Why Youth?

The youth are still left out in the in climate change agenda. Equity however demands sharing of benefits and losses including those of climate change; losses currently being transferred to the future generation. The youth need to invest in knowledge and engage in the climate change agenda by;

  1. Not being indifferent –they have to do something. Climate change affects all and no one should be out of the debate.
  2. Focus on SDGs preamble- the dignity theme in the SDGs, people, planet and prosperity, call on the youth to engage UN and all stakeholders. The youth should know and seek the various environmental facilities like Green Climate Fund


The strategies of the

Youth Environmental Movement


Strategy 1:  Marking the Key Moments like COP processes in global and local Environment Calendar and deepening partnerships for development effectiveness

Strategy 2: Partnership for Evidence, Data Driven and Knowledge Based Climate Change Interventions

Strategy 3: African Youth Environmental Leadership Forum for Youth Participation, Monitoring and Action Agenda;





Youth Economic Empowerment


AGPO4Value- Youth access to government tenders, financing  and value based business

Capacity building and Networking/Exhibition Sessions


Leadership for Democracy, Governance and Peace

We work with various partners to foster democratic, peaceful and accountable leadership among the youth.

We seek to carry out massive and innovative leadership mentorship and training, civic education to deepen understanding of rights for enhanced accountable and pro-poor/ marginalized policies and leadership in Kenya.

Our objectives are;

  1. To create a network of youth led democracy championing organizations that meaningfully work in promoting youth participation elections, voter education and holding leaders accountable
  2. To promote massive voter registration to erode the present apathy towards democracy as presently witnessed in the country more so among the first time voters among young people


We seek to encourage the youth to be involved in elections through peaceful voting and getting their voices  heard, with focus on critical issues affecting the youth currently: Health, employment and participation


Currently, there is lack of and low awareness on voter rights and importance of voting, as a means of changing the poor public service delivery that has led to voter apathy and lack of interest by teenagers and youth to register as voters and vote as Kenyan approaches General Elections.

For example, during the March 2016 mass voter registration that targeted 4 million eligible new voters, mainly youth under 23 years of age. The Commission targeted 4 million new voters between February, 15 and March, 15, 2016. However, only 34%, 1.4 million new voters registered. IEBC missed its own target by 66%.

This calls for deliberate effort to motivate and encourage the youth to be involve in democratic processes and make their choices accordingly.