OAYouth believes in partnership for solutions for world challenges to  ensure sustainable and equitable  development

OAYouth is certain a choice for your partnership. We are a professionally managed regional youth movement with systems and structures in place and strategic reach among the youth across Africa. In Kenya, we have a national reach though our partners and County Ambassadors.


OAYouth believes in value based partnership in development. We welcome organizations, foundations, private sector , development partners and government agencies to come with us in areas of mutual interests .


OAYouth is one of the largest , credible and stable   largest youth led organizations in Africa and Kenya . as a membership based organization, our mission is to  be the umbrella organisation for all independent minded African youth, providing a platform for information exchange on diverse sustainable development issues, a forum for dialogue, debate and a network of emerging and future leaders in diverse sectors . We deepen and strengthen our youth networks through projects around health, employment , capacity building and education , Leadership and Governance, and Environment  and Climate


Through partnership with us, we work together to create a critical mass of male and female youth that are empowered,  meaningfully engaged  through  pro-poor and gender-sensitive and responsive development and strategically position and enhance your brand


Kenya Adolescents and Youth SRHR/HIV Network


This is an example of development corporation to strengthen advocacy and alliances at national, regional and international level in order to actively support promotion of the ICPD through enhancing cross-regional co-ordination and networks for achievement  of SDGs

The SRHR alliance of youth organizations, coordinated by OAYouth,  seeks to work in collaboration with the Kenyan Government to facilitate meaningful national level youth engagement and partnership to influence the position of Kenyan government ahead of its participation in regional and international discussions and negotiations on SRHR and population dynamics.

Goal of the Network

Championing Adolescents and Youth SRHR through coordinated Advocacy


Vision: Partnership for Youth and Adolescents Health for Achievement of SDGs

Mission: A coordinated advocacy to mobilize the youth of Kenya to influence relevant policies, own and exercise their SRH rights and empower them on HIV matters for socio-economic development.

Objectives of the Network 


  1. By 2017, capacity build members on SRHR and other relevant areas
  2. By February 2017, put in place strategies  to promote a youth led and coordinated SRHR/HIV advocacy
  3. In 2 years, influence at least 5 major SRHR policies in Kenya
  4. In one year, have a research department/unit and  continuously share strategic, relevant  and  timely data with members and stakeholders


With organization of Africa Youth Kenya Chapter offering lead and coordination aspects, the two types of memberships entail;

  • Organization: This entails purely youth led CSOs/ CBOs working on SRHR as their focus.
  • Individual: On case by case bases depending on what the individual is bringing on board i.e. expertise.

Network Pillars

  1. Coordination  and Resource Mobilization
  2. Communication and Coordinated Advocacy
  • Policy, Data and Research



Your organization can apply to join the network formally by  filling  the application   form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfc9i03SvWalEBcZ1jV0Y36HKK5nF6Ff5JtZZKIZsT7jjclFg/viewform?c=0&w=1




Also find us: Twitter: @youth4SRHR  You Tube : Youth4SRHR TV  Face Book: www.facebook.com/youth4SRHR

Blog: www.oayouthkenya.org/africayouthvoices




Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Organisation of Africa Youth has been a focal youth body in the regional in championing the SDGs. We were youth focal in  Rio +20, carried out elaborate consultations across Africa through the Africa Youth Focus campaign under the Post 2015 Agenda. While our focus was on a youth specific goal, we strongly agree that the 17 goals and the monitoring mechanisms  (indicators) offer the best hope for the youth.

OAYouth believes that  issues of youth and adolescents health form a critical part of the SDGs and other global development frameworks. For example, the perambulatory clause of the “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” recognize that there is need for a determined resources mobilization for implementing of the SDGs through Global Partnership “based on a spirit of strengthened global solidarity, focused in particular on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and with the participation of all countries, all stakeholders and all people.”

The inter-linkages among the SDGs, just as the youth and adolescent health issues, call for effective cooperation where results and outcomes are shared objectives among different stakeholders


We seek to engage in the creation of awareness on SDGs and implementation of specific projects to help in the achievement of specific goals, targets and indicators at grassroots levels. We seek to lobby the UN through other partners to declare at least one village or town per country a Global Goal Village and act as a case study on Effective Corporation and partnership for achievement of SDGs.

Our focus on SDGs is aims:

  1. To create awareness and unify the voices of African youth though coordination, information gathering & sharing to create an advocacy movement working together with their government at the national, regional & international level to influence the post-2015 agenda framework holding them accountable of their commitment.
  2. To develop common African youth position on SDGs, lobby and engage with 10-15 African countries who are supportive of positive youth development to act as champions for youth  targets  and  indicators  in  SDGs  framework  and  gearing  towards  the goals’  domestication  and implementation.
  3. To engage with Governments and partners in supporting and facilitating meaningful African youth engagement in the SDGs implementation processes, as partners,  at the national, regional and international level towards ensuring young voices are represented and heard.
  4. To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development goals (goal 17 of the SDGs)


Please visit: https://facebook.com/Africa Youth Working Group on SDGs