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Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit

Are a youth advocate? Do you want to learn about advocacy processes and strategy formulation?

Then, this is the tool  for you.

We developed Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit.

The summarised version is shown in the image below.

The Advocating for Change for Adolescents in Kenya is a Practical Toolkit for Young People to Advocate for Improved Adolescent Health and Well-being . This toolkit has been developed by and for the young people in Kenya. The toolkit is adopted from the global version through a youth Technical Working Group, with the guidance of Kenyan Ministry of Health, National Youth Council, PMNCH and Women Deliver, by Organization of African Youth Kenya Chapter, a member of PMNCH Adolescents & Youth Constituency. It is to be used by networks of youth-led and youth-serving organizations to bring change in the country.

The toolkit is also useful for civil society groups, government departments and everyone concerned with adolescent health and well-being. The purpose of this toolkit is to guide the design, implementation and monitoring of an effective national and county advocacy action roadmap. The aim of this roadmap is to bring positive policy-specific changes to improve the health and well-being of adolescents in counties and the country at large. Each of this toolkit’s five chapters includes examples and exercises adaptable in advocacy planning to influence the national, state and community health planning processes.

We believe you will find the document useful!