Organization of African Youth (OAY) is a continental, member-based, non-profit organization founded in 2019, registered in 9 countries and operating with 15 chapters in Africa.


A strong representation and participation of youth in championing social, political and economic development in Africa

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To be the continental umbrella organization for all African youth, providing a platform for youth-led programmes, a forum for dialogue, and a network of future leaders

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Youth Work Professionalization Policy

Having successfully advocated for inclusion of Youth Work Professionalization in Kenya, National Youth Development Policy and being a key champion of African Youth Charter , OAY is fully committed to the continuous improvement in the quality of youth work. We are committee to all tenets of Youth Work Professionalization including recognition of Youth Work as a distinct professional category in national policy and legislation, building of a professional association that ensures collective professional decision-making, advocating for a set of occupational standards for youth work, promotion of competency standards, qualifications and certification, Youth work practice supervision to ensure quality of training and practice and adherence to ethical code of practice. OAY will continue to aim for the highest standards of youth work professionalism across all programming , partnerships and collaborations.

OAY's Capacity Statement

OAY’s enhanced institutional capacity characterized by;

  • Ability to influence policies
  • Ability to receive and manage grants
  • Ability to reach young people directly
  • Ability to reach youth organizations directly
  • Ability to influence young people and change
  • Ability to influence regional and global processes
  • Experience in cross-sectoral young people's programming

Summary of Our Achievements

  • 150 000 adolescents and youths positively impacted
  • Over 55 youth led and serving organizations have benefited from OAY programmes and capacity strengthening
  • 600+ youth recruited and impacted as staff, volunteer and interns
  • OAY successfully contributed to at least 5 impactful coalition and movement building
  • Experience with 4+ UN agencies
  • 200 000 000+ KES mobilized in the last 10 years
  • OAY's Post 2015 agenda adopted in UN's SDGs Language
  • Experience and relationship with 15+ government ministries, departments and agencies
  • Working experience with 17+ county governments
  • 60+ projects successfully implemented
Organization of African Youth membership (often referred as “OAYouth Advocates”) is open to individual young African youth of between 15 to 35 years of age, as contemplated in the African Youth Charter and in OAYouth Constitution. Youth organizations, business entities and other NGOs can also join as associate members, partners and sponsors to support the work of OAYouth.

Partner Organizations

OAY's youth work in Kenya is geered towards sustainable youth development and empowerment through interactions with development partners, governments, United Nations systems and agencies, civil societies and youth organizations by implementing the following activities;

  • Strategic Focus 1 : To improve Health and Wellbeing of Adolescents and Youths
  • Strategic Focus 2 : To Empower young people in Kenya
  • Strategic Focus 3 : Climate change
  • Strategic Focus 4 : Building partnerships, collaborations, learning and adaptation

OAY's SDG Focus