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I am Waithera Ng’ang’a a Sociologist and currently volunteering with Organization of African youth (OAY). Together with other organizations we are running a campaign called Jiactivate.

Jiactivate aims at elevating voices of the youths both in urban and rural areas on the issues affecting them i.e




>Food security

As youths we tend to ignore corruption thinking that it doesn’t affect us in anyway but truth is we have struggled with corruption since history.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power and elected authority for private profit. It violates human rights and widens the gap between the rich and the poor. The poor being the most affected by corruption they believe bribery makes life smooth since when caught in the wrong its easier to give bribe than face the law therefore it is seen as a lubricant.

Corruption is one of the leading cause of social and economic damages. It has torn down the moral structure in our community. Although there is a deficiency in this nation in terms if integrity, solving the menace of corruption will help us deal with the issues facing youths and helping us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Issues like unemployment will not be seen in our country hiring will be on the basis of who deserves the position. Accessing medical care will be much easier since the monies allocated for the same get to the required places on time and intact. Youths and farmers will be able to access fertilizers at affordable prices and also get help from the government.

Corruption should be tackled through prevention, control and enforcement methods. Also we should have the commitment to end corruption as individuals. We have the mentality that corruption is part of us and it cannot be ended since its so rampant in our society. I believe if we are committed to end corruption starting from the children we bear teaching them to be honest even if the situation requests us not to then corruption will no longer be a problem.

It starts with you and me lets be in unison in order to end this monster Corruption! Lets Act and Stop talking.

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