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Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit

Are a youth advocate? Do you want to learn about advocacy processes and strategy formulation? Then, this is the tool  for you. We developed Advocating for Change for Adolescents Toolkit. The summarised version is shown in the image below. The Advocating for Change for Adolescents in Kenya is a Practical Toolkit for Young People to

Safe Spaces for Youth is a Measure of National Conscience

The 2018 United National theme for International Youth Day, #SafeSpacesforYouth, is a deliberate move to emphasises and highlight the challenges youth face globally, in civic, digital and public spaces. The Kenyan Vision 2030’s three pillars: the economic, the social and the political pillars, mirror the three spaces identified by UN.

The Devolution Cup

When I heard about the pre-devolution conference, I knew it would just be a forum for young people to be taught on how to voice their issues better, to the concerned authorities and so it was.  On the last day of the training, various leaders from the county were invited



Makueni county youth forum

From my observation, Makueni County has been in the good books for sometime. It is one of the counties that has a very active website.However, there are a few but critical social issues that i feel have to be addressed promptly. During one of the sessions the youth talked about

My view on Jiactivate Kajiado county youth forum

In my view the youth of Kajiado have less interest in engaging their leaders ,attending public participation forums yet they are able to outline issues affecting them and their ideal county.Their forum was a unique one  because we had a few  local leaders in attendance.These youth had a chance to present

My take on Machakos county jiactivate mtaa youth forum

Listening to the arguments at the Jiactivate youth forum in Machakos,I could feel the desperation  for information,inclusivity in decision and just as simple as someone who will take time,sit down and just listen. These young people have a vision of a county they want to see and are aware of