Youth and healthcare

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On the polls across Kenya among other issues which were identified by the youths was the issue of health care and access to health facilities. The question which arises is there for what difficulties do youths face when accessing healthcare and how to improve health among the youths.

First and foremost we youths need to ensure that we maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek adequate medical attention from a proper medical institution in order to prevent future medical emergencies.

Imagine when you are done with your medication and has established a successful job and a beautiful family but you cannot take care of them because you have a diabetes or lung cancer which has been caused by smoking which you did in your youthful days or imbalanced diet full of junks or you drink too much while raving and your liver is no longer in its position to perform its duties. You have to stay alive for your family and so you go for medical treatment and it takes more than kshs.500000 for one medication and the doctor prescribed three medications per month.

There are four laws of health according to Dr. Boniface Onsongo of Fitness and Health Foundation and this include self-detox, self-nourishing, self-defense and self-maintenance and all of these go hand in hand. One needs to nourish himself with enough water to avoid.

However in the event of sickness there is a need to visit a health institution for proper checkup before taking any medication. Dr. Onsongo states that there are three types of people, the healthy, the sick and lastly those who are in the middle of healthy and sick. The latter are the people who feel headache and branch at the nearest chemist for a painkiller and rush to class; the same applies to all other pains this goes on and on and in future they wake up to a sad news that they have been suffering from a disease and its late, an emergency operation to see them live long enough. The saddest part is that this is a condition which could be discovered early enough if one had not suppressed the pain and go for checkup. All in the name of staying healthy.


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