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Not everyone has eye of detail that sees across a gulf, magnifying little things often rendered as insignificant, into their truest dimensions. Or maybe, most of the time, we might notice a problem that is potential of multiplying into more catastrophic kinds that threatens everyone within our society, hindering our future developments, most so among youths, but still, the thoughts of horrendous experiences we must be ready for while slogging our guts out to prevent such eminently awaiting pitfalls lead to stronger internalization of utter failure, thus compelling us to male an early quit.

Grold, 23, is one of the multi-hyphenated folks who is ready to counter these ignored perennial challenges that his fellow youths go through in their day-to-day life. Reading Amartya Sen’s ‘Development as Freedom’ and listening to Mental Health lectures of the unsung heroes like Gabor Mate have been so important to him. According to Grold, good health and general well-being is the touchstone of future development, thus to gear a smooth transition from a bleak past to a rosy future, we must highly value the aforementioned two pillars. And that, from every youth springs optimal potential of world’s best valuable thing. He bemoans the death of many ideas among youths in their heydays as a result of neglect, lack of care and unstable economic foundation; not overt opposition and critic forces from people who should embrace them most.

In 2019, at the wake of corona virus, he came up with a fellowship that would act as a hallmark for better change in different society. This was inspired by the contract of the government during the censors. As an enumerator, the reality of what people silently go through dawned him. The one-week contract, to him, was a gut-wrenching grief. This was not on the screen; it was a literal experience, within various homesteads. Keen of social codes, he would recognize young people struggling with surviving yet damaged self-esteem, youths adorned in melted cloaks of confidence, wrapped in rags of failures, young las and lads with faces of untold stories of chained minds; girls who never belonged and boys in search of their homes. Grold almost fell into a funk upon a reality of the agony that unplanned early marriages can do. Youths owning these unfortunately hopeless families were strong addicts of depression episodes; men with complete crisis of confidence, no therapeutic check-ins, no money. Girls who never belonged and forgotten boys in search of unknown homes, is all he remembers. It smacks harder!

Since then, throughout last year, he broached the idea of a foundation with his peers and everyone who is like minded, that would break the silence of what is happening. He couldn’t wait for the government’s solution, for we are the government. So, he became a powerhouse founder of Philadelphia foundation, with resilient cofounders all around him, needless to mention ardent members who have turned human Venn diagrams to make sure that things work better. The foundation has objectively been puncturing the entrenched perception that we cannot find the good out of the forgotten corners of our societies that have been befogged of poverty. Mental health, education, public health, health expo and talent exploration have been the greatest actionable quest of the Philadelphia members. Peace and unity are their core values. Their main target are youths. Philadelphia means Brotherly love. “If it is a little bit of pain, that can give someone years of joy, it is all worth it” That is their maxim. Today, they are giving their future plans latitude and time to merge. To be part of these people or to know their whole objective, email or to know more about him, visit .


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