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Running a youth campaign is a fantastically dynamic experience andif the campaign is not only youth targeted but also driven, the initial “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” reaction can be particularly significant as a measure of reach and impact. This is the current adrenaline filled rush; excitement and experience being felt at OAY on the “JIACTIVATE” campaign. This campaign champions for youth participation in governance processes through platforms and spaces for them to converge online and offline and get their voices heard and ideas documented to establish a sense connection to and influence in the governance discourse in Kenya and; establish a sense of belonging to the ever dynamic and expanding youth demographic.
JIACTIVATE is a colloquial word that loosely translated denotes that; “youth should not wait to be engaged rather, should practice their constitutionally provided right and take up their rightful position in the governance agenda”. Following a nation-wide study seeking to know the key issues that youth cite as impediments to their informed and consistent participation or directly and indirectly affect them – corruption, unemployment, healthcare and food securitycame out as unique issues across the 47 counties in Kenya. Based on this, OAY-Kenya – https://oayouthkenya.org/ – and five of its partners conceptualized this campaign to get the youth to engage and identify the causes and probable solutions.
OAY is currently on course to produce an anthem for this campaign – one which will be composed, recoded and performed by a youth.This will be a competitive process whereby the youth will create their own “custom experience and understanding” of the issues. Every composerwillcoin a songaround corruption, unemployment, healthcare and food security. This is also a chance for youth to put their talents and skills to test practice whereby the best composer will be supported to record the song into a full anthem. He or she will also get a reward.
To participate, compose a 1minute song in English or Swahili; the song should audible; it should touch on corruption, unemployment, healthcare and famine. Record it on your mobile phone and send it to 0726 383893 by Sunday 21st May 2017.



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