Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) and Organization of African Youth Kenya (OAY) committed to enhancing Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures in the LREB Counties.

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It is a new dawn for OAY in the delivery of IPC services to the youth in the LREB Counties. OAY signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LREB that brought common agreement in:

 1. The journey to promote infection, prevention, and control measures.

2. Strengthening of youth participation in emergency response action to diseases including COVID 19.

In an agreement signed by OAY’s National Coordinator and Secretary to International affairs, Mr. Michael Asudi, and LREB chairman, Prof Arogo, the occasion was witnessed by OAY western region coordinator, officers, and LREB committee of eminent persons.

The MOU was a show of commitment from and for the young people to work in collaboration with LREB and the Ministry of Health in creating awareness and sensitizing the community on covid-19 protocols, hygiene measures, and vaccine demand creation while addressing other health indicators of interest in Infection Prevention and Control measures.

There is a need to work with schools to ensure that the students are fully vaccinated, develop messages that can be used for social behavior change, and work with the young people through different community engagements such as sports to mobilize people to get vaccinated against COVID -19,” said Michael Asudi.

People who have a mission change the world,” said Prof Arogo, as he challenged the young people present to utilize the immense energy, time, network, and future they have in solving the problem of their time such as Covid-19. Prof Arogo urged both OAY and LREB teams to have a starting point that they will use to track their impact and work in a manner that can be monitored and documented. “Let this MOU be used as a tool of action and not just understanding,” said Prof Arogo.

OAY National Coordinator, Michael Asudi (Left) and Prof Arogo signing the MOU.

 By Purity Karimi