Why Nutrition Matters

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Nutrition, what is it, and why is it important? Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.  Times are tough, and even as the pandemic continues to spread nationwide and among individuals in Kenya, it is evident that information on taking care of our immunity is necessary. 

Unfortunately, we are learning that young mothers are now taking one meal a day so that they are able to save money to pay bills.  This clearly shows that proper nutrition is not really a priority for most women, and it means that children are also not able to develop strong immunity due to lack of adequate food and a well-planned diet. The Organization of African Youth, in partnership with Kenya Adolescent and Youth Scaling Up of Nutrition (KAYSUN), saw the need to pass information to the youth and adolescents in the country in order to share knowledge on the importance of good nutrition for this age group. As a result, there was a positive intake of the information on the need for the group to take care of themselves in order for them not to have to leave their families behind, especially since most husbands had left the responsibilities for the women to handle. 

It is evident from discussions that work has overshadowed the importance of taking a meal, which is sad since we should be strong and able to take care of our bodies in order to be productive to work each day.