Youth Mobilization, Governance and Accountability Jiactivate Campaigncame into being in April 2017 as a campaign to identify, amplify C reinforce key youth priorities in the run up to 2017 Kenyan General Elections. The Coalition is made up of organisation that have come together with a range of experience and expertise in order to raise the voice of Kenyan Youth. The founding partners include; well told Story, Organization for Africa Youth, Kenya Red Cross Society, Centre for Study of Adolescence, Brand2D, with the support of Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, with OAY as founding Chair.

n 2017, OAYouth and convened other partners in implementation of the Jiactivate campaign with an aim of collecting and collating youth perspectives on; corruption, unemployment, food security and health care. OAYouth was the only youth-led organization and took lead in mobilizing youth organizations, coordination and capacity building components of the campaign. The key take away of the campaign was the endorsement by the then Minister of youth of the campaign findings reports, a first in Kenya and jiactivate growing to a seven member coordinated network by 2019

In Just Over three Months, the Jiactivate campaign managed to;
  • Identified, through a survey, the four most significant issues affecting Kenyan youth: corruption, unemployment, drought and healthcare.

  • Received input from more than 132,000 youth and over 70 youth-led groups on these issues.

  • Held 56 youth events and consultations in 37 out of 47 counties.

  • Produced a youth declaration informed by these events and consultations.

  • Held the first ever national government and youth forum in Kenya, bringing together over 800 youth activists and representatives from government and political parties.

  • Received endorsement of the youth declaration from all major political parties and been offered a position on the National Youth Policy Committee.