Harnessing Youth Demographic Dividend

Project Goal

Harnessing Youth Demographic Dividend to Transform Kenya through quality health, education, stable economy and good governance

Project Objectives

  • Improve awareness on ICPD Commitments and its transformational agenda among young people

  • To support mutual social accountability in the implementation of Kenyan ICPD+25 Commitments

  • Advocate for cross sectoral youth programing with focus on health, education and employment to contribute to realization of ICPD Commitments

Project Outcomes

1.) Work with partners to develop Demographic Dividend inspired Youth Impact Advocacy Toolkit.

2.) Young people and their agencies mobilised to support implementation of ICPD+25 Commitments.

3.) Youth Impacted through investment in health, education, jobs, and governance so as to create dramatic economic growth.

Project Partners

Project Summary

OAY has experience in population and development issues among youth and has been engaged in the International Conference on Population and Development processes. In 2016 and 2017, OAY implemented a project to support meaningful and impactful youth engagement in the International Conference on Population and Development Implementation and influence other related global, regional and national processes through coordinated advocacy.

In this project, OAY implements interentions around
Health and Wellbeing

Expanding access to adolescents and youth‐friendly services-specifically by improving existing service provision channels for accurate information and services to promote SRHR , good nutrition, and basic health care including mental health

Education for 21st Century

Ensure adolescents and youth go to school, stay in school, and get the skills to succeed in the 21st century

Employment & Entrepreneurship

Giving youth the chance to be employees - but also employers

Good Governance

Ensuring we have an open , transparent and responsive government that makes Kenya a country our youth want to live in

Key Outcomes

To inspire Kenya to a united action with a fresh take on the Demographic Dividend within the International Conference of Population and Development (ICPD) Framework.

Key Achievements to 2022

  • The ICPD Beyond 2014 Plan of Action supported by IPPF led to creation of KAYSRHR + HIV network.

  • In 2017, OAY through support of CIFF and Gates built capacity of 12 youth organizations on DD roadmap and took part in launch of DD roadmap in Addis Ababa.

  • OAY, supported youth consultations across Kenya in partnership with NCPD to inform Kenya’s ICPD+25 commitments and supported their participation in the process.

  • The development of The Youth Impact Advocacy Toolkit. This is an advocacy toolkit for showing what the Youth Impact is, why the Youth Impact can transform Kenya for the better, and how to benefit from the Youth Impact. It was developed by several organizations including OAY as accountability and engagement resource following 2017 launch of Africa DD roadmap by Africa Union in Addis Ababa that OAY participated in.

  • OAY supported establishment of ICPD+25 Youth Coalition in 2022. See more here

Contribution to SDGs

Goal 1

No Poverty

Goal 2

Zero Hunger

Goal 3

Good health and Wellbeing