Project Goal

Improved prioritization and monitoring of AY RMNCAH+N for responsive AYFS and MAYE

Project Objectives

  • To generate evidence on prioritization of AY access to RAMNCAH+N information and services in transforming health systems for universal care project
  • To contextualize and document the SRHR, Maternal Health, Nutrition, SGBV and other wellbeing challenges faced by young people in their environments, in relation to GFF assessment findings
  • Advocate for increased prioritization of AY RMNCAH+N issues for improved Monitoring and accountability with focus on RMNCAH+N Investment Framework Review and ASRH 2015
  • Advocate for improved quality of RAMNCAH+N information and services especially at PHC level

Project Summary

Towards improving RAMCAH+N indicators, OAY seeks to increase the vibrancy of diverse information sharing platforms for increased access by enhancing capacity of youth and strengthening their networks to effectively engage in GFF processes and mechanisms while co-creating evidence generation on youth prioritization , documenting success and opportunities by this project . OAY believes that limited strategic spaces for involvement of AY aged 15-30 years in planning, resourcing , implementation and evidence building of GFF mechanism and related policies, directly results to this cohort contributing to higher negative RAMCAH indicators a situation currently aggravated by the COVID-19.
In contribution to The GFF 2021-2025 Strategy Refreshe and the GFF CSOs framework OAY has been implementing Global Financing Facility (GFF) focused project. In the first phase, OAY carried out rapid assessment to explore prioritization of AY RAMCAH+N services in the planning and implementation of transforming health systems for universal care (THS-UHC) that is being implemented in all the 47 counties. The report is available here The second phase of the project supports realization of Kenya’s RMNACH+N vision and GFF strategy refresh through the following strategies;

Build on phase 1 work on youth coalition strengthening and coordination around RMNCAH+N


Advocacy for improved Monitoring and accountability for AY issues with focus on influencing (a) evaluation and review of the RMNCAH+N Investment Framework and ASRH Policy 2015


Prioritization of adolescents and youth issues in the next generation of County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and Medium Term 4

The third phase will entail implementation of the assessment report in partnership with the GFF Youth Coalition with focus on;
Youth coalition and capacity strengthening to support RMNACH+N related policy influencing, health financing and MAYE
Supporting improvement of AY RMNACH+N services quality especially at PHC level
Supporting community engagements and feedback mechanisms aimed at better RMNACH+N services through social accountability
Supporting evidence based advocacy , knowledge management and meaningful participation in relevant spaces

Project Outcomes

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-15 at 11.42.56 AM
Evidence on prioritization

Generation of evidence on prioritization of AY RAMCAH+N services in the planning and implementation of transforming health systems for universal care (THS-UHC)

Advocacy capacity

Improved advocacy capacity of youth advocates on MNCAH+N and GFF engagements

Prioritization of AY issues

Evidence of prioritization of AY issues in new ASRH Policy and Investment Framework and other key documents and programs)

Improvement in AY RNMCAH+N Services

Evidence of improvement in AY RMNCAH+N services and information quality at PHC levels

Project Partners

Contribution to SDGs

Goal 1

Good Health and Wellbeing

Goal 2

Quality Education

Goal 3

Clean Water and Sanitation

Goal 4

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 5

Reduced Inequality

Goal 6

Partnerships to achieve the goal