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Organization of African Youth in collaboration with Partnership for maternal, newborn and child health (PMNCH) since 2021 have been working toward improvement of Adolescent wellbeing. Organization of African Youth - Kenya (OAY) developed and implemented the Advocating for Adolescent wellbeing project. This project’s main objective has been to enhance youth advocacy for a multi sectoral approach to adolescent’s well-being so that they thrive and are able to achieve their full potential.
According to the Adolescent wellbeing framework adolescent well being is the state where Adolescents have the support, confidence, and resources to thrive in contexts of secure and healthy relationships, realizing their full potential and rights.

The work we do ; Adolescent Wellbeing

The project goal is to enhance youth advocacy for a multisectoral approach to adolescents’ well being so that they thrive and are able to achieve their full potential.

The following are the specific objectives:

  • Strengthen capacity of youth on advocating for adolescents wellbeing so that government’s policies and actions correspond to commitments including for realization of PMNCH’s Call to Action for Adolescents Wellbeing

  • To mobilize and amplify adolescents’ voices and meaningful participation on what actions and resources are needed to support them realize their wellbeing; #MyVoiceMyStory Campaign

  • Support advocacy communications to mobilize stakeholders’ efforts towards PMNCH’s Call to Action for Adolescents Well Being and 2023 Global Summit on Adolescents for increased commitments, resourcing and acceleration of efforts towards 2030

#MyVoiceMyStory Campaign

The following are some of the strategic approaches that OAY designed and used to ensure that adolescent voices were heard:

  • Conducted a needs assessment of the knowledge base of the students in matters to do with their wellbeing so as to understand which domains to focus on in individual schools.

  • Mentorship and collection of voices in 8 mapped primary and secondary institutions in Kisumu and Nairobi counties, each school had to have 3-4 visits. Through innovative approaches with club members, the adolescents voices have been documented for instance through placards. PAY provided placards with probing questions, where adolescents could freely write what they thought about the topic at hand.

  • Formation or strengthening of the 4K clubs that are now termed as the school health clubs in the mapped institutions. The school health clubs were to ensure the sustainability of the mentorship program among the adolescents in schools among the five domains outlined.

  • Community involvement and mentorship of adolescents out of schools through activities like football, athletics, and focus groups discussions on matters affecting them.

  • OAY has supported formation of education materials that can help support in collection of voices and mentorship. One of the most widely used material during this campaign is the Adolescent Guide

Milestones and Highlights

(1.) OAY has conducted mentorship for approximately 500 adolescents in school.

(2.) OAY has conducted mentorship and key focus group discussions with 600 young mothers and fathers in Lungalunga in Nairobi.

(3.) The school health clubs have been formed and strengthened in the 8 mapped institutions in both Kisumu and Nairobi counties. Through the 4K club initiative, OAY has supported and launched the development of kitchen gardens in 2 of the mapped institutions in Kisumu County.

(4.) OAY has supported formation and strengthening of social groups in youth centers such as Lungalunga Youth center and Kisumu football groups.



#MyVoiceMyStory Campaign

These are the voices of Kenyan adolescents on how they envision adolescent 2030, what should be done differently by the year 2030 and their definition of adolescent wellbeing.
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Adolescent Hub Blog

Youth advocates have captured adolescent voices on matters that affect them. Adolescents have given their stories, their life challenges, their aspirations and what they think could be done differently.
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YouTube Videos

OAY has created a safe space for adolescents to speak through strengthening of the talent based activities such as football.
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Resource Library

Adolescent wellbeing conceptual framework

This is a framework that defines adolescent wellbeing and proposes five domains which outline the requirements for adolescents to achieve well-being and reach their full potential.
Adolescent Well-Being: A Definition And Conceptual Framework

Call to action on adolescent wellbeing

This is a call on donors, governments, UN agencies, civil societies and youth-led and youth-serving organizations to make adolescent well-being a priority.
Call To Action

Advocating for Change for Adolescents toolkit

With support from the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) and Women Deliver, the Advocating for Change for Adolescents toolkit was created by young people for young people, to lead and influence change in their communities as well as to hold governments accountable for delivering on their commitments to prioritize adolescents’ health and well-being.
Advocating For Change For Adolescents Toolkit

Adolescent needs assessment report

Organization of African Youth conducted a needs assessment in eight schools both in Nairobi and Kisumu County to determine the needs of the specific groups .This needs assessment was instrumental for development of programming around #MyVoiceMyStory.
Call To Action