OAY supports youth engagement in the international processes and activities at Sub Regional, Regional and Global levels. Our aim is to 8ensure operationalization of global consensus statement on meaningful adolescent and youth engagement through effective and legitimate representation, learning and sharing opportunities, campaigns and international youth work collaborations. Consequently, young people have a say in shaping the world they want to see, have their voices count and aquire key diplomatic skills. Our main focus areas and frameworks include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) processes, Africa We Want Agenda 2063, UN Resolution 2250 on Youth Peace and Security, the COP processes on Climate Action, UN General Assembly, World Health Assembly, and East Africa Community processes among others. In case of any speaking opportunity or international engagements, please contact us.

Past Projects

African Youth Position in Post 2015 Agenda project - 2014-2015.

Advocating for Inclusion of Youth Index during 2016 Global High Level Meeting (HLM) on acceleration of implementation of SDGs.

Promoting Meaningful Youth Engagement in 6th Tokyo International Conference of Africa's Development (TICAD-VI) -2016.

Youth engagement in International Conference for Family Planning (ICFP) -2018.

Influencing Africa Union Demographic Dividend Roadmap -2017.

Meaningful youth engagement in SDGs Accountability and Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs)Meaningful youth engagement in SDGs Accountability and Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs).